VDI Programme

About the VDI Programme

The Ministry of ICT has set up a State-of-the-Art National Data Centre at Konza Technopolis that hosts Virtual Desktops that consists of Fusion Cloud Desktop Virtualization, centralizing PC Computing and Storing Resources at the Data Centre, hence creating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Platform.

Access and Training on the VDI will enable you to gain the necessary digital literacy skills to qualify you to perform paid online jobs (Remotasks) as per the National Government's Policy on acquisition and creation of sustainable employability.

The Kabete National Polytechnic has set up and is hosting VDI Laboratories. The Training is conducted face-to-face at the VDI Laboratories at the Polytechnic.

How to get Admission into the VDI Programme

To get an Offer of Admission to the Training Program, please visit the Polytechnic Registrar (Academics) Office or Call 0790 000 033 for more Information.

Kabete National Polytechnic
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This is a Three Month Programme that must run without any absenteesm or interruption.

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Terms and Conditions

  • You must make yourself available for three (3) months without a break. Absentees (In the 1st Month) will be discontinued.